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Trainee Internship

Trainee Internship

VVV INFOTECH is an award-winning mobile application development company. We are the team of expert developers delivering high performance and scalable solution for mobile application development technologies.

Features of College Internship

In This internship we will guide to students career path, In the same way we will help you to know Engineer Life cycle.

  • Software Life Cycle
  • What is Hardware
  • Why! Software
  • Importance of Networking
  • Why? Design leads major Role
  • Effort's of Development
  • Testing Performance
  • Live project Work Experience
College Program

Bring a dynamic professional internship for month in length–to your campus. All of our internship programs present and model engaging learner-centered educational practices, and participants leave with effective new strategies they can implement immediately.

These strategies empower students to become active, responsible learners, improving student academic success and retention. If you are looking for a professional development internship that will make a difference, look no further.

The desired outcome of these events is greater student engagement, improved academic success, and increased retention

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  • 1. Theoretical sessions on SDLC /HDLC related technologies.
  • 2. Hands on sessions.
  • 3. Mini projects.
  • 4. Main projects
  • 5. General Live projects orientation programme.
  • 6. Future projects.
  • 7. Training provided for passed outs of same college can avoid faking circumstances.
  • 8. Soft skills.
  • 9. Online Test Related to aptitude, technical and IQ.
  • 10. Participation Certificate.
  • 11. Achievers presentations.
  • 12. Price Distribution
  • 13. Testing
  • 14. Networking
  • 15. Photoshop
  • 16. Embedded Technologies/ PCB Designings
Apps Delevered
Years Of Experience
Customer Support
Mobile devices have already conquered the internet. Social sharing, geo-tagging and information search has taken the mobile to a different level altogether. If you have a business that seeks to reach its customers through the internet, the mobile users need to be tapped. The most effective way to do it right now is having your own mobile application.

Technologies we work on!

For the mobile app development, we work on various technologies like iPad, iPhone, Android, PhoneGap, Unity, Swift, iBeacon , Parse and appery.io

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VVV Infotech team are very professional, understand our needs and identify the relevant resources quickly. Keep up with the good work team.

Bob Johnson

Lead Manager
VVV Infotech team did a splendid job when working on my iOS and Android application, and I can without doubt recommend this team for your next project

Eric Mathew

Mobile App Developer