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IOT & Chatbots


Message BOT is an artificial user in your messaging platforms which can automate your workflows or provide information you need without any specific instruction. Messaging BOTs can be used for different purposes such as e-commerce, mobile assistance, customer relation or operational management.


    Messaging BOTs work on messaging platforms and create a new user interface layer on the application. Message BOTs can be smart, semi-smart and dummy. Smart BOTs use Artificial Intelligence, semi smart BOTs have algorithms learn your habits and makes wise suggestions and dummy BOTs automatize repeated actions. All those BOTs can simplify your professional and private life.

    Though we’ve come a long way from where we began in 1966, we have a long way to go. The future of a chatbot in the enterprise depends a lot on the advancements in AI. The only way bots can truly simulate a real human-like experience is through advanced natural learning processing and improved machine learning algorithms.

    To achieve this progress, the first step would be to accumulate an enormous amount of data, which can be altered constantly. The biggest challenge for bots is mimicking real-life conversations between humans in the most convincing way. By using accumulated data, chatbots can be made to replicate a human communication and embrace better personalization.With most users hitting their saturation point after constantly using a lot of apps on a daily basis, we might see a better collaboration and co-existence of chatbots and apps in the future.

Our Development Workflow

We are following agile web application development methodology. Our development process takes care of all the stages from design to deployment. We are using agile tools such as Git, Jira, Slack, CI/CD. We always follows standard coding design patterns so web application can become easily expandable in future. Currently, we are using the most popular design patterns called MVVM & MVC.

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